Why should I apply for Scholarships?
With the costs of pursuing a post-secondary education (four-year college or university, two-year community college, technical or trade school, etc.) increasing, scholarships help to drastically reduce the amount in loans you have to take out. No one wants to break the bank!
When should I apply for Scholarships?
It is NEVER too early to start your scholarship search! There are thousands of scholarships available to students and, the sooner you start searching, the more you will find. Some scholarships will require transcripts, essays, and recommendation letters, which is why it is important to start the application process early.
Where can I apply for Scholarships?
Right here! You can find many scholarships on this website or stop in to your college advisor's office in the Student Center at the high school. You might also want to check out:

It's important to note that not all scholarships are just for 4.0 GPA students. There are many different qualifications and many students are eligible.​ If you diligently search you can find qualifications you didn't even know existed like being left-handed!

SCAM ALERT! Scholarships are GREAT but it is important to be aware of the scams that are out there! Explore the following links to learn more about potential risks:

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